My work is an ongoing investigation into ways in which one can represent visually an aspect of a psychological condition, such as anxiety, melancholia, mourning, or the vanishing of the self as a form of loss or absence.

It touches on the areas of the idyll, the miracle, and the uncanny with an underlying interest in stories and illusions/delusions. I am also interested in spaces, and our relationship with them. The resulting work is diverse; it includes sculpture/installation, film and photography. I also print and I produce drawings at all stages of a project to assess, re-assess and develop.

Recent work explores fairy tales as a symbolic dimension for the depiction of distressing states of mind and, in this context, how themes from literature, i.e. the journey, can be transposed into artistic imagery.

I am currently particularly interested in journeys without return, as might happen when the mind disintegrates into illness: nothing is found, but things are lost; the self, or the traveller, may be lost to others.

I am fascinated by the process of loosing, and being lost, by what is absent and what is left behind. By what is or is moving into the distance, just out of reach.